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Thursday, December 18, 2008

August thru December in Alaska!!!

Well we know it has been a long time...I am lazy and busy! So I will update and then hopefully keep on track!

So, August was a busy month....

We decided to go camping at Ophir Creek with a couple of our good friends: The Merrells and The Donoughs. It was a long but beautiful drive! We were going to stay 2 nights, but after night 1 (of screaming Trinity and Tristan...hating every second) I decided I had done enough. Not to mention....very,very pregnant! Needless to say, we had a great time the fist day...we did some fishing (I got my license), some playing in the freezing cold river, some campfire fun and a ton of eating!!! Aden had enough as well, so we headed home with Brandy, shortly after breakfast the next morning. Thank goodness!

Then...we moved again! We are now in a smaller place closer to the base. It is nice to be so much closer, not to be so much smaller! We do have an amazing view of Denali from here, you can see Mt McKinley on a nice clear day. Our ultimate goal is to move again! LOL! This would be our final Alaska move, into a 5 bedroom on post!!!

The kids were busy getting ready to start school and make new friends! We lucked out that the school is SO close to home...just down the hill. Tristan started second grade with Mrs Shipka, and Trinity started her half day kindergarten with Mrs Gate's. Both of their teachers are great and they of course came home the first day with 50 new best friends!

We also had Trinity's b-day (the 25th) and Aden's (the 30th). We decided to have Aden's party right around his b-day...he has made a lot of little friends here already. Then for Trinity we decided to wait till she got into school a month or two and meet some girls her age. Aden's b-day party was at an indoor play place on Fort Wainwright. It was a lot of fun for the kids and us! Let just say a big room full of balloons is all we needed! They went nuts!

September...John found out he couldn't deploy, thanks to his horrible hearing! I told him it was a blessing in disguise, he disagreed. He will have to re-class to a new mos, soon (as soon as the Army decides they should). It did start snowing though! Oh and we bought our winter gear for the family...$1700.00 later we were nice and warm!

October...was a VERY eventful month! It was also a very painful month! My due date was not until the 22 of November, but he decided he would start trying to come at the beginning of October. So to help me out with the 3 other kids, dad flew up from Missouri! I was SO excited to have him here. He was a huge help and I am so grateful he came. Then we had a couple weeks to play and be in pain. We had John's b-day (the 15th) and Tristan's b-day (the 16th). We had dinner at the food factory with some friends for John's b-day party. We waited for Tristan's party just like we did with Trinity's. After a few trips to L&D with good contractions that weren't doing a darn thing...I decided I had better try once more. I thought my water may have ruptured. I wasn't sure with this one since it wasn't the flood I had with Aden. We arrived at Bassett Army Hospital on Oct 20th at about noon. The did a couple test and decided my water had broke and Noah was on his way. I immediately called mom...hoping she could come up a little earlier, she wasn't scheduled till the following week. She said she would try and make it, but wasn't sure. Since the hospital on post wasn't able to deliver him (I was almost 36wks), I had to take an ambulance ride to Fairbanks Memorial. It was a long and drawn out couple of days, they had broke my water 3 times since arriving and apparently the third time was a charm. Not even 20 mins later he was coming. So on October 22nd, 2008 at 12:00am; Noah Michael Williams decided to make his early appearance. He weighed 6lbs, 8ozs and was 19 1/2 inches long. He looked exactly like Aden did as a baby (John's butt chin and all). He was such a good and quiet quiet I was a little concerned. Grandma made it there at 5pm the same day. We were super excited to have her as well. Because he was so early we had to stay a whole 48 hours at the hospital...which wasn't the funnest! We made it home a couple days later and then it seemed like Halloween was upon us. I was still a little under the weather and John was too sleepy to take the kids out. It was really sad! It was too cold (-10) for them to even walk around the neighborhood.

Then came November... we were still all enjoying the joys of a brand new baby at home. Mom held Noah hostage for the whole time she was here. I am SO thankful they were able to both make it up to help out. We had a ice skating party for Tristan and Trinity and had them invite all their classmates. I was glad that not every classmate took us up on the invite, but a few of them came and it was great. Everyone enjoyed and hour of the ice skating and then we did cupcakes and presents. We also got to watch a hockey game while we ate our cupcakes! The kids had a fun time and got lots of good gifts. Mom stayed home with Noah in the warm house! Mom decided she needed to head back home and leave us here. I was mad at her but she did remind me she had been here a month! She spoiled me while here and we really miss her! Then came Thanksgiving...we celebrated with dad and some friends. It was a lot of food and fun!

And here we are in December. Noah was blessed on the 7th! I am glad that I have a father in the priesthood who could bless my little boys for me. Thanks again dad!!! Then dad left us on the was so sad. He helped us out so much. I hope he enjoyed his time here and we will miss him. We are hoping they make it back up here soon! Since then we have been busy getting prepared for Christmas...I am NOT in the Merry Christmas mood. You would think with all the white stuff and pine trees surrounding us, I would be all about it. I think it has finally hit that it will be my first Christmas not being around my family! The kids are out of school starting on Friday...they don't go back till the 6th of January! That is way too long of a break!

Monday, July 28, 2008

So Julie is here!!!!

Aden in the hot tub
He loves it
At a park by the house
Aden, Trinity, Tristan and Samuel

We have been running around and I still have no pics from all of us! Here are some pics from just the last couple weeks though! It has been super nice having Julie all need to come out.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Quick update!

So a quick update! John is gone it sucks! He should be home no later then the 7th of August! SO I have a couple of pics for you. Today we are venturing out, so I should have some more.
Here is for mom and dad! Look how fat I am already!!!
The fire station had a open house. Tristan sprayed the hose.
Aden and his obbsession with hats. He loves this one.
It was kind of windy, it kept blowing away.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Our 4th of July BBQ!

So today was our 4th of July BBQ! It was a lot of fun and a lot of work. John and I cooked and cleaned all night. I homemade everything for this one and it turned out really well. I was excited! John and Aden are passed out and I am following shortly! The house is a mess...the kids went nuts with the dirt pile from the guys fixing the water. It was a good turn out and a few of our friends and their kids came out. Anyway - here are a few random pics from yesterday and today! I hope you all had a fun and safe 4th of July! We miss you all! Can't wait to see you Julie!!! Love you guys!

Aden and I...way too close up!

Aden being cool with sunglasses.

Eating some ice. Notice how filthy he is from the dirt pile!!!
Aden and Braden playing together. Aden tried to push him off. He didn't want to share!
Trinity eating her sno-cone. John made some syrup cause we forgot to buy it. It turned out really good.

Some of the food from today. Of course we had pasta salad and I homemade potato salad!
The table set-up.
His face cracks me up here!
Aden and I!
All the kids playing in the dirt pile they left when working on the water!
This is how Aden and John helped!

He was trying to stuff them both in!!!

Some of the desserts. I homemade! Oreo cake cookies! YUMMY!!!
My Jello cupcakes with that meringue icing and the eggs (of course)!

Thanks for looking!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Still getting settled in!

A statue in Fairbanks.
The kids on a bridge over the Chena River
This is last night at looked stormy out.
The back of Aden's new hair! At least he still has his curls!
Aden slept ALL night in his big boy bed...till 9:30am!

So Aden loves the camera. We taught him how to take pictures. Here is a little of his work!

I guess he really likes trees???
Our windows, he got a good pic of them!
Here is his new makes me sad, they butchered his bangs!!!
He was playing along to Little Einstiens. He loves that show and I love the way he says it!

So I have decided I really like the area. I won't make my final decision till after my first winter alone! I am not looking forward to it, but everyone swears it isn't that bad and I will be fine. I guess I will have to be! We are all in the house, but have a few odds and ends still left to unpack or put away. I really think that is a never ending job...if anyone remembers my garage in Fort Leonard Wood, they know what I am talking about! I am going to try to start taking more pics. I have been slacking and I expect all of you to be sending me some! I miss everyone and really hope a few of you get to come visit us! I will try to make it back to Missouri next summer...but the thought of a 8, 5, 2 and newborn on a plane with only myself scares me a little. OK, a LOT! I hope everyone is doing good! Mom I hope you are getting better, it really sucks to be sick! Oh, and just so everyone knows they better get on the ball and buy tickets to see me, Julie has hers bought! I can't wait till she gets here!!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some new pics!

So here are a few pictures. There are a lot of different ones! Sorry!!!
So Aden got his big boy bed. He laid in it for a little while last night and is sleeping in there as I type. Wish us luck with it!!!
Aden and John in the hot tub. They added a few too many bubbles. John gave him bubble hair and he loved it. He kept looking in the mirror.
This was one of the big blow up things at the Midnight Sun festival. Aden loved it!
One of the well know statues in Fairbanks. I have no clue what it is or means.
I have no clue who that man is, just think it is funny they having a bucking salmon instead of cow thing!
Aden wanted the camera...I wouldn't give it to him.
More of Aden and John in the hot tub.

Big boy bed!

Enjoy them! I will get more tomorrow or sometime. I am a slacker. We love and miss everyone! It is so nice and I expect a visit from all!